Sender Policy Framework, or SPF, is a validation system, that is employed to stop the so-called email spoofing where an e-mail message is sent from one email address, but to appear as being sent from a different one, often with the objective to scam the recipient someway. If SPF protection is activated for a domain, a specific record is generated for it in the Domain Name System and all DNS servers around the world get it. The record contains all the mail servers that are allowed to send authentic messages from an address part of the domain. When an e-mail is sent, the first DNS server it encounters verifies the SPF record and if the sending server is authorized, the message is forwarded to the target destination. In case, however, the sending server doesn't exist in the SPF record for the specified domain, the message will not be submitted and it'll be removed. In case you employ this solution, it'll stop third parties from sending spam e-mails that appear to have been sent by you.

SPF Protection in Cloud Hosting

SPF protection can be enabled for each domain name hosted in a cloud hosting account on our cloud hosting platform with no more than a few clicks. The function is accessible in the Emails section of our cutting-edge Hepsia Control Panel and all you need to use it is to choose one of your domains from a drop-down list and to enter the hostnames together with the IPv4 or IPv6 addresses of the mail servers which will be approved to send messages from your emails. As an added option you can even restrict the e-mails to be sent from your domain name only if it has our MX records, in other words when our servers manage the email addresses for it, not a third-party supplier. This option provides you with the highest degree of protection, but it's not applicable if only your web site is on our servers while the email addresses for the domain are handled elsewhere. Regardless, the SPF protection service will keep your email addresses risk-free from being used for spam or scam purposes.

SPF Protection in Semi-dedicated Servers

The SPF protection attribute is featured with all semi-dedicated servers, so in case you host your domain names in an account on our cloud web hosting platform, you will be able to activate this service effortlessly for any of your domains. The Hepsia Control Panel, which is provided with the semi-dedicated accounts, features a very user-friendly interface, which means that you won't need to be proficient in the use of computers to secure your email addresses. You will only have to type the hostname and the IP address of each mail server that you would like to be certified to send e-mails from your addresses and right after that the updated record will be activated for the domain name that you've selected. As an additional option, we also allow you to restrict the outgoing email messages and secure your mailboxes further by permitting email messages to be sent only if the domain involved features our MX records i.e. the email messages for the domain should be handled on our end and not by another supplier. Thus you will get even better control and there won't be any chances for anybody to forge your emails for harmful intentions.