If you are looking for formidable domain name control solutions and additionally exceptional domains registration costs you’ve visited the right spot. Have a look at Web Hosting For Life’s video presentation to check out exactly what Web Hosting For Life may offer for your domain names.

Web Hosting For Life offers more than 50 special domain name extensions, or TLDs, at reasonable prices. For the majority of of them, we have a one on one deal along with the organization, responsible for that TLD, that permits us to provide nominal domain name registration costs. Moreover, because we are in direct contact with the domain registrar, all changes you are making to your domain names will distribute around the world faster.

For the purposes of domain control, we have designed a unique domain administration tool – our Domain Names Manager. It is an integral component of our Website Control Panel and it lets you faultlessly deal with a variety of domain names at once. Additionally, it is loaded with usable tools, such as a domain name redirection tool, a GeoIP redirection service and a lot more. And since the Domain Manager is part of Web Hosting For Life’s Control Panel, if you have your website hosted with us, you can handle both your domain names and also your sites from the identical place, without any additional panels.

When you have a web shop, or you mean to simply add one more safety level for your personal site, now we have an excellent option for you – SSL Certificates. You could get an SSL certificate straight from our Control Panel and then we can also set it up instantly for one’s sites. You no longer require to attend third party vendors and then grapple with the SSL certificate installment and setup.

As an added safety level for your domain names, we also offer you a WHOIS Privacy Protection service. When using the Whois Privacy Protection service, we’ll disguise your own personal info out of your domain name’s Whois. This drastically minimizes the probabilities for cyber theft and in addition it lessens the range of spam messages you will get in your Whois–associated mailbox.